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Declutter Your Natural Gas Model

I don't have any tips for decluttering your garage or office desk, but I can offer you a tip on how to declutter your natural gas model. Perhaps it will save you some time as well in the design phase. As engineers, we like details and will enter as many as possible into our models. I've seen several AFT Arrow and xStream models with natural gas mix...

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2,500 Year Old Pump Technology is Still a Thing

Last week in Tucson, Arizona I attended the annual meeting of the Hydraulic Institute – the largest association of pump manufacturers in North America. There I heard about the latest updates on the fluid handling industry. Then I went on my first tour of a wastewater treatment plant and learned about how they use 2500-year-old pump techno...

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Using Cost Libraries for Optimal Engineering

This blog assumes users already know how to import engineering and cost libraries into the software. If you do not, we recommend checking out this example problem from the help file. One of the lesser-known features of AFT products is the ability to cost out your entire system. By adding engineering and cost libraries to a model, AFT products are a...

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Don’t Repeat Yourself with Libraries

As process engineers, we rarely review our own engineering process for improvement opportunities. Our job descriptions can often boil down to: "design this", "build that", and "make it better". While we can do this very well for pumps, pipelines, and flanges, sometimes we miss the intangibles such as how to improve our team's internal processes or ...

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Jobs, Artificial Intelligence, and the Coming Robot Apocalypse

Here we go again. Robots. AI. ChatGPT. I decided it was time to talk again about how technology will destroy jobs and we will all be out of work. Again. Or not. One can look back at literally centuries of such fears and predictions about the future. While each doomsayer's fear is of a different technology relevant to their day, they have at least t...

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Predicting the Future is Hard

Here we are in January and another new year has begun. You know that because of all the "predictions" being made. The old saying goes something like "even a broken clock tells the correct time twice a day". Three years ago (at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic) I wrote an article "Predicting the Future is Easy". My point there was that if enough p...

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Restore Your Sanity, and Your Corrupted Model Files

Users occasionally contact AFT saying they have lost their model files or cannot open them. Can you imagine spending hours, days, or months building models, and all of a sudden, the progress and work is gone?! If it happens right before a deadline, the engineer will most likely have a minor panic attack, and feelings of anger, depression, or hopele...

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