International Representation

AFT is proud to be represented in the United States and throughout the world in over 80 countries. Sales and support may be available from an AFT channel partner in, or near, your country. For pricing, availability, and support, please contact the channel partner serving your location. If a channel partner is not listed in your country, please contact AFT for assistance.

AFT License Information

Step 1: Standalone or a Network license

Single-User (Standalone) License

A standalone license will only run on whichever computer it is activated on. It will not work in virtual environments or on machines with virtual processes. You will need to select a network license.

Multi-User (Network) License

If a network license is purchased, the software license can be shared among multiple users. 

Step 2: eLicense or a USB Key?


The eLicense requires an internet connection to access the cloud based licensing service which tracks of which computers have the software active.


This option does not require internet access but requires additional drivers and copy protection. The USB Key physically contains licenses for AFT products.

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