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About AFT

Founded in 1993, Applied Flow Technology has grown to be a leader in the pipe flow modeling software market. With a primary focus on developing high quality fluid flow analysis software, AFT has a comprehensive line of products for the analysis and design of piping and ducting systems.

With channel partners around the world and customers in more than 80 countries, AFT software has helped companies in many industries design safer, more efficient systems and solve operational problems.

Located in Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA, our professional staff consists of engineers with extensive experience in both the design and construction of piping systems and the development of analytical modeling methods.

Our Vision

A sustainable world where fluids are transferred safely, reliably, and efficiently.

Our Mission

Empower engineers to intelligently design fluid transfer systems with innovative tools, education, and service.

Our Values

  1. Deliver quality
  2. Value people
  3. Share knowledge
  4. Be dependable
  5. Think globally
  6. Simplify the complicated
  7. Innovate
  8. Learn from the past
  9. Recognize contributions
  10. Work hard, have fun

AFT: An International Leader in Pipe Flow Modeling Software

Since 1994, AFT has been a recognized international leader in pipe flow modeling software. We work with 40 international distribution partners and serve over 80 countries. Our portfolio of industries and projects is impressive with proven success in helping engineers simulate, analyze and build anything from simple to highly complex systems.

Throughout our history, AFT has worked hand-in-hand with some of the world’s best and brilliant engineers. In 1994, Trey Walters, P.E. laid a solid foundation that AFT has been able to build on. The software tools he initially developed have continuously increased in ability and have allowed engineers to do more with their designs and stretch their projects beyond what they thought was possible.

AFT has taken technology that once had to be outsourced to experts and created tools that an everyday engineer can use to accomplish the same goals. 

AFT has had the honor of being a part of innovative projects and providing challenging solutions. With the knowledge that the projects our software is used for are highly proprietary, we take great pride in showcasing a database of case studies which high-profile industries around the globe have shared so we can give others a glimpse into how industries utilize our technology. But we know this is only the tip of the iceberg.

When engineers have issues they have never seen before, AFT has the answer. There is not much we haven’t seen and haven’t been able to fix. That’s because AFT engineers go the extra mile in all directions to ensure efficiency, safety and accuracy.

We have helped engineers design and troubleshoot an array of systems used within the power, aerospace, water/wastewater, chemical, and of course oil & gas industries, just to name a few. Engineers in any industry can use our software for systems ranging from simple models, to highly intense waterhammer/surge or pulsation mitigation.

AFT software tools exist to help engineers in two primary ways:

  1. Ensure accurate and safe designs to prevent issues and build efficiently.
  2. Quickly troubleshoot problems so systems can get back to production as quickly and cost-efficiently as possible.

AFT looks forward to many more years of helping engineers who help us as much as we help them. Through the years, AFT has befriended engineers who tell us their stores and give us honest feedback on what they need. These conversations do not fall on deaf ears. In our future travels, we hope to meet whoever is reading this so you too can share your stories and challenge us to continue to be an innovative organization.

Thank you for your friendships, your partnerships, and cheers to many more years of innovative engineering.


30 Moments in AFT History

February 1992

Trey Walters, P.E. had just left his job as a rocket engineer and started a new job as a research engineer in the power industry when he conceived of a graphical pipe flow analysis software for Microsoft Windows 3.1. As a hobby he began to work on the graphics and hydraulic solution algorithms.

February 1992

September 14, 1993

Trey left his full-time job and founded AFT in Louisville, Ohio, USA. He operated out of the basement of his home.

January 6, 1994

Trey legally formed Applied Flow Technology Corporation in Canton, Ohio, USA.

January 6, 1994

April 12, 1994

AFT Fathom™ 1.0 was released. It was the world’s first graphical pipe flow analysis product for Microsoft Windows.

May 25, 1994

AFT received our first order which was to Methanex in Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canada.

May 25, 1994

August 1994

AFT welcomes Channel Partners. PISCES Engineering (UK), SODECO (France), and Representaciones Caesar (Venezuela) were among the first. 

October 1995

AFT Arrow™ 1.0 was released. It was the world’s first graphical compressible pipe flow analysis product for Microsoft Windows. AFT now had two products and sales tripled.

October 1995

February 1996

Vice President of Technology, Jeff Olsen (also a rocket engineer), joined AFT.

August 1996

AFT moved to Colorado from Ohio – farewell trusty basement! AFT rented an official office space in Woodland Park, Colorado.

August 1996

November 1996

AFT Impulse™ 1.0 was released to help engineers simulate waterhammer / surge. It was the world’s first graphical waterhammer analysis product for Microsoft Windows. AFT had orders for AFT Impulse before it was even released.

January 1999

Tom Glassen, P.E., joined AFT as Vice President of Operations and Business Development. Tom accomplished many things for AFT including formalizing the Support, Upgrade, and Maintenance program to better assist customers.

January 1999

February 2001

AFT Mercury™ was released. It was the world’s first commercial pipe system optimization tool which performed automated sizing of entire pipe networks.

May 2003

AFT Titan™ was released. It was the world’s first commercial compressible flow pipe system optimization tool which performed automated sizing of entire pipe networks. 

May 2003


The AFT Platinum Pipeline Award program was created to recognize companies and engineers who use AFT software. While most engineering projects our software is used on is highly proprietary, this program allowed AFT to provide small glimpses to consumers of how AFT is used.

April 2004

AFT introduces add-on modules with the release of AFT Fathom 6.0. The first modules were Cost Estimation (CST), Goal Seek & Control (GSC), and Extended Time Simulation (XTS). The CST module features have since been incorporated into AFT Fathom as base product features.

April 2004

March 2005

AFT hosts its first Channel Partner Summit. They discussed AFT business and went skiing in the Colorado Rockies. The summit is still held bi-annually.

December 2006

Trey and Jeff form Purple Mountain Tech Group™, a sister-company of AFT, to provide consulting support for hydraulic flow modeling.

December 2006

June 2008

Hired Software Developer Roger Anderson to combine all our code into a common structure and migrate it to the “.NET” framework. This finished in September 2012 with the release of AFT Fathom™ 8.

August 2009

AFT releases the Settling Slurry Module (SSL) that can be used with AFT Fathom 7.

August 2009

October 2010

AFT moves the headquarters office to our current location in Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA, about 20 miles (30 km) from Woodland Park.

November 2011

AFT partners with Archon Engineering to develop Nuclear Verification and Validation packages for AFT software.

November 2011

July 2012

AFT adopts new logo, company branding and website.

September 2012

Released AFT Fathom 8, our first product on the .NET framework after five years of work.

September 2012

May 2016

AFT released the Settling Slurry (SSL) module for AFT Impulse. This is the first and only waterhammer slurry modeling software product on the market.

November 2017

AFT releases the Pulsation Frequency Analysis (PFA) module for AFT Impulse. This allows AFT customers for the first time to perform acoustic natural frequency analysis with AFT software.

November 2017

April 2021

AFT xStream is released to analyze gas and steam transients. It was released with its own Pulsation Frequency Analysis module. AFT xStream is the first new product AFT has released in 18 years.

July 2021

AFT remodels the AFT office to combine the AFT and the Purple Mountain Technology Group offices.

July 2021

December 2021

AFT releases the AFT Arrow XTS module with version 9.

August 2023

AFT Founder, Trey Walters, makes the decision to begin his transition to retirement and AFT is acquired by Datacor.

August 2023

September 2023

AFT celebrates our 30th Anniversary with the launch of AFT Fathom 13. With this release comes Workspace Layers, an advanced way to view data.

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