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iconAFT Impulse 9 (148 MB)
Release: 2023.09.15

These software programs are copy protected. Only customers with a valid license will be able to run the software. By installing AFT software, you accept the terms of the Applied Flow Technology Software License Agreement. For USB key assistance please see the USB Key Support page. 

AFT recommends using the newest release of each version. To check which version and release are currently being used, Open the application, Click Help, Click About AFT Application. 

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AFT Impulse Add-On Modules
With these software extension tools, you can quickly and efficiently
complete projects. Modules can work individually or together within
AFT Impulse and with your existing AFT Impulse models.

Settling Slurry

The only commercial software solution that can model both non-settling and settling slurry waterhammer effects.

Pulsation Frequency Analysis

Helps identify pipe acoustical frequencies to avoid resonance from excitation, especially in systems with positive displacement pumps.

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