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AFT Software for Students

AFT is proud to offer our software licenses to help develop future engineers and support technical innovation. 

With these options, AFT hopes to prepare students to enter the professional world while facilitating research and investigation. Through the application of leading technology, students and instructors can explore new possibilities within the hydraulic world.

Contact us for more information.

Professor Pumphead
$10 Student Version to
help with hydraulic flow
homework & projects
Discounted, full version
licenses in 5, 25 or 50
seats for the classroom
Free full version
licenses for student projects
and research purposes
% discount 
on professional hands-on
training with AFT engineers

Participating Schools


AFT software has been used by a many schools with hydraulic courses either in their classrooms or for various rsearch projects. Let us know if we can help your school!

View Research Projects

Research Projects

Without a doubt, there are some amazing future engineers completing projects that will enhance future development. See how AFT was used to help them meet their project goals.

Abby will show how YOU can use AFT Fathom Student for your homework. 

AFT Fathom Student isn't a program you will use every day - you might only utilize it for homework during your hydraulic flow classes. However, there will come a time you will want to use it on your senior projects (or other research projects). 

Additionally, many companies respect AFT modeling and analysis product knowledge and several go as far as to put it on their job descriptions as required knowledge.
AFT Software for Students
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