AFT Support, Upgrade & Maintenance (SUM) Agreement

Premier Support

Premier Support

SUM holders have unlimted access to
expert knowledge and advice directly
from our experienced engineers

Free Software Upgrades

Free Software Upgrades

Ensure you always have access to the most current version of your AFT Software. SUM holders upgrade to the most recent version at no extra cost.



Get exclusive discounts on training

Any software or add-on modules you purchase from AFT comes with one year of complimentary support, upgrades, and maintenance. AFT will contact you to review your SUM agreement prior to expiration.

AFT is becoming one of the few software companies that sell perpetual licenses. Once you purchase your AFT license, you own the license and any models and data created for as long as you choose to use it. We do not force customers to purchase a new license on an annual basis to continue to access software they already own. AFT does encourage customers to take advantage of SUM agreements to receive premier support as well as new versions of the software. 

Discover New Features

Our industry evolves faster every day. AFT is committed to providing the latest technology through continuous evaluation
and upgrade of our softwares. With every new version, AFT seeks to make engineers more productive while designing safe, efficient, 
and reliable systems. Our development philosophy balances User Workflow, Enhanced Capabilities, and Backend Improvements.

AFT Direct Customers

It’s a good day to ensure you have an SUM agreement! Click here for more information or contact AFT to get a quote for your licenses and add-on modules.

Customers outside the US

If you purchase your software from one of our Channel Partners, please contact them directly for a Support, Upgrade, and Maintenance agreement quote. 

Find your License Numbers

Not sure which licenses need
Support, Upgrade, and Maintenance agreements? Contact us to find out! Don’t forget to ask about your add-on modules.

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