Flow Expert Package (FEP)

Custom Training & Consulting Options

Flow Expert Packages are bundles of hours you can purchase for: 
  • Custom Team Training
  • Project Assistance 
  • Model Reviews 
  • Employee Onboarding Training 
  • Much More! 
Extend your team with an experienced fluid systems engineer assigned specifically to you. Leverage AFT flow experts to augment your expertise. Reduce your learning curve and get up to speed quickly using AFT software.
AFT Flow Experts

AFT Flow Expert Packages provides extended consulting servicesbeyond typical technical support requests to help your team design projects quickly, efficiently, and professionally.

With the AFT Flow Expert Package you will:

  • Receive online training on specific topics of your choice
  • Request help on model results interpretation
  • Get a second opinion of your assumptions, modeling choices and reports
  • Have an expert double check your modeling input and point out common modeling mistakes or suggest better ways to model the desired behavior
  • Receive guidance in how to model pumps and pump-system interaction, relief valves and relief systems, surge suppression equipment, slurry pipelines, system transients, and anything having to do with flow in pipe systems
  • Discuss with an expert alternative solutions for hydraulic problems
  • Help launch AFT software within your company and reduce your learning curve
  • Help new hires get acquainted with AFT software
  • Get access to a consulting engineer assigned as your primary point of contact


FEP Cost:

2023 Package Options
5 Hours        $1,300 
10 Hours      $2,000
20 Hours      $3,400
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