Nuclear Verification and Validation

Ensure the Safest System Analysis Possible

In cooperation with Applied Flow Technology, Archon Engineering has developed Nuclear Verification and Validation packages to enable the use of either AFT Fathom, AFT Arrow or AFT Impulse software in safety-related applications in the nuclear industry. The packages assist with the performance of a Commercial Grade Dedication process.

To purchase a Commercial Grade Dedication V&V package,
contact Archon Engineering directly. 
Nuclear cooling system flow analysis

Quality Assurance

The Nuclear V&V packages were developed under Archon's 10CFR50 Appendix B, and ASME NQA-1, 1994 quality assurance program allowing Archon to provide these packages via a nuclear safety-related purchase order.

Use with:
  • AFT Fathom, Fathom GSC Module, Fathom XTS Module
  • AFT Arrow and Arrow GSC Module 
  • AFT Impulse

Package Details

The V&V report will assure the accuracy of:

  • The AFT Fathom, AFT Arrow or AFT Impulse database files for:
    • Flow and pressure calculations, using pipe and junction features (Each junction type will be checked against manual calculations for the different user options provided by either Fathom or Arrow.)
    • Steam and water properties (density, viscosity, vapor pressure)
    • Pipe sizes (diameters, thickness)
    • Pipe roughness
    • Fitting loss data
  • Heat transfer (fluid and pipe wall temperatures, heat rate, heat flux, etc.) calculations from user supplied thermo-physical data (i.e. thermal conductivity of pipe and insulation data, etc.)
  • GSC module results for the goal and variable options provided by either Fathom or Arrow (optional for GSC modules only)
  • XTS module results for the time triggering scenarios provided by Fathom (optional for XTS module only)
  • Any limitations of the software identified as a result of the V&V

Software Downloads

Below are the most recent AFT software releases that have been verified and validated.
  • Please note: The latest validated releases will not necessarily be the most recent general release of AFT Fathom, AFT Arrow or AFT Impulse.

Current Releases

AFT Fathom 12 V&V (2023.04.27) (158 MB)

AFT Arrow 6 V&V (2016.01.08) (95.0 MB)

AFT Impulse 6 V&V (2016.11.17) (134 MB


Previous Releases

AFT Fathom 11 V&V (2021.04.01) (336 MB)

AFT Fathom 10 V&V (2019.07.16) (288 MB)

Contact AFT if you need an older version.  

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