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Free Viewers

Share your models with anyone who may not need a full version of AFT software. Viewers are free applications that let you:

  • Open a model and view any of the windows (Workspace, Model Data, Output, Visual Report, Graph Results)
  • View specifications windows for model objects
  • Run the model
  • Graph output data
  • Print and export data

Note: You cannot edit an existing model or create new models with the Viewer. 

User instructions may be found in the online help system installed with the Viewer.

Latest Viewer Releases

     AFT Fathom 9 Viewer - (includes add-on modules) (92.1 MB) 

     AFT Arrow 6 Viewer - (includes GSC module) (62.8 MB) 

     AFT Impulse 6 Viewer - (includes SSL module) (129.0 MB) 

     AFT Mercury 7 Viewer - (22.58 MB) 

Previous Viewer Releases

     AFT Fathom 8 Viewer - (54.0 MB) 

     AFT Fathom 7 Viewer - (26.9 MB) 

     AFT Arrow 6 Viewer - (includes GSC module) (62.8 MB) 

     AFT Arrow 5 Viewer - (includes GSC module) (69.2 MB) 

     AFT Arrow 4 Viewer - (22.6 MB) 

     AFT Impulse 5 Viewer - (includes SSL module) (87.9 MB)

     AFT Impulse 4 Viewer - (18.4 MB)