AFT Installation Instructions

We look forward to your success stories and experiences as you solve the world’s hydraulic problems. This page will get you building a functional model of your system and generating accurate results quickly. 
Important: As you get started, make sure you have your license details document which was emailed to your company. Don’t have one? Contact
Have a module? All add-on modules are already installed with your base products. All you have to do is turn it on inside the "Tools" menu.
Pump system software
Getting Started Resources

Help Documentation

Users can find several walk-thru tutorials, as
well as the quick start guides for
each product using our online help system.
Bookmark this page for easy access.

Tips & Tricks Blogs

Each month the expert engineers in our
AFT Support team create user tips that
showcase and show you how to use
features within the software.

System Requirements

Your computer must meet these system requirements or you may not be able to successfully install your
AFT software
Training Tutorials by Product

AFT Fathom

Steady State Flow Modeling.
Calculate pressure drop and flow distribution in liquid and
low-velocity gas.

AFT Impulse

Waterhammer & Surge Analysis. Calculate pressure drop and flow distribution in liquid and low-velocity gas.

AFT Arrow

Compressed Gas Steady State Flow Modeling. Calculate pressure drop and flow distribution in liquid and low-velocity gas.

AFT xStream

High-Speed Acoustic Gas & Steam Transients. Simulate how your systems will respond to potentially disruptive transient events.

Good News! Your software purchase comes with one free year of Technical Support (or for the duration of your lease). Don't forget to renew your Support, Upgrade and Maintenance (SUM) agreement after the year to continue receiving world-class support, product upgrades, and training discounts.

Quick Tips
Proxy Servers

If a proxy server is used for internet access, then proxy settings need to be configured for cloud-based eLicenses. The section Access Through a Proxy in the “eLicense Installation and User Guide” explains how to configure the eLicense for use with a Proxy.

Maintenance releases

It is important to stay up to date with using the latest release of each AFT software product. Maintenance Releases are announced on a regular basis and will enhance the software functionality and fix any software issues that might have been found. 

Many times when technical support issues are identified with the software, simply updating to the latest maintenance release will often fix the issue. Be sure to subscribe to receive notifications of when new maintenance releases are available.

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