AFT Impulse Quick Start Video Series

The AFT Impulse Quick Start Video Tutorial Series contains six short videos to help a new user understand how to use AFT Impulse,
a pipe flow modeling software for transient analysis of liquid systems. The videos teach a new user how to use the interface,
specify fluids, build models, define inputs, check inputs, run the solver, view results, create visual reports, and create graphs.

Status Light, Analysis Setup, and Blue Highlighting

Video 1 of 6 demonstrates how a new user can determine the model status using the Status Light, check for undefined groups using Analysis Setup, and use Blue Highlighting to easily locate required input fields.

Fluid Properties

Video 2 of 6 introduces a new user to the various fluid modeling options in AFT Impulse, such as fluid libraries, viscosity models, variable fluid properties, and loss corrections.

Building a Model

Video 3 of 6 teaches a new user how to change unit system preferences, use the Workspace window, place pipes and junctions, define pipes and junctions, and use the Model Data window.

Defining Sectioning and Transient Control

Video 4 of 6 introduces a new user to the Method of Characteristics and teaches the user how to define the Pipe Sectioning and Output group and the Transient Control group.

Running a Model & Viewing Results

Video 5 of 6 teaches a new user how to run a fully defined model and to view results in the Output window and Visual Report window.

Making Graphs

Video 6 of 6 teaches a new user how to use the Graph Results window to make and save Transient Pipe graphs, dual y-axis graphs, and stacked graphs.

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