AFT Impulse Webinars

Introduction to AFT Impulse

New Features - What they are and where to find them

Learn About Layers

Model LNG Pipe Systems

Cavitating Behavior

Resistance Curves

Ramp Pumps

Model Check Valve Slam

Import Your Model

Evaluating Dynamic Loads

Valve Inherent Characteristics

Predict Transient Forces

Close your valves

Analyze Alternatives

Vacuum Breaker Valves

How to Model Accumulators

AFT Impulse 9 New Features

Pump Concepts Transients

Pumps - Reverse Flow

Pumps as Turbines

Troubleshooting Models

Model Reports Made Simple

Vibration Part 2: AIV

Vibration Part 1: FIV

Which 'Transient' Analysis?

Check Valve Modeling

Improving Impulse Run Time

Non-Newtonian Fluids

Don't Be a Slow Modeler

Understanding Cavitation

Pulsation Analysis

AFT Basics & Fundamentals

Fundamentos de Pulsaciones

See It &Achieve It

Component or system issue?

AFT Impulse 8 New Features

Calculating Transient Forces


Be a Waterhammer Analyst

Your Fluid is Squishy

Build Faster Models

Time & Event Transients

Troubleshooting Techniques

Combine Your Pipes

Reporting Tips & Tricks

Waterhammer & Forces

Successful Slurry Transport

Modeling Tips

Worst Case Surge Analysis

Relief Valve Modeling

Inherent characteristics

Preventing Failure

Size & Locate Accumulators

'Transient' Analysis

Database Management

Analyze for Waterhammer

What's New in AFT Impulse 7

Top 10 AFT features

Safe Mining Operations

Cavitation Modeling

Pulsation Control with AFT Impulse PFA

Perform & Interpret Waterhammer / Surge Results

More on mitigating surge issues with AFT Impulse

Fire systems: NFPA & water deluge (AFT Fathom & Impulse)

How to Model a Tube Rupture in a Heat Exchanger

Model Settling Slurries

Pulsation Frequency

AFT Impulse Pump Transient Modeling

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