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AFT Impulse 7
Waterhammer & Surge Analysis Software

AFT Impulse is a powerful dynamic simulation and analysis software used to calculate pressure surge transients in liquid piping systems caused by waterhammer

  • Easily model a wide range of system components and surge devices
  • Understand the transient response of your system, knowing how valves, pumps and other components will dynamically interact with each other.
  • Evaluate the effect of pressure surges due to vapor cavity collapse by modeling vapor cavitation and liquid column separation.
  • Validate the design of safety features to produce safer, more economical pipe systems.
Design and Operate Your System with Greater Safety and Reliability
  • Avoid potentially catastrophic effects of waterhammer and other undesirable system transients
  • Initiate transients based on time or events in the system
  • Reduce surge magnitudes by slowing system changes such as valve closures or pump speed
  • Minimize the adverse effects of surge by changing piping or equipment to reduce velocities
  • Calculate transient unbalanced forces and define forces sets as location pairs or single points
  • Specify alerts that automatically highlight output values that are out of range for flow, pressure or velocity
  • Compile libraries of your frequently used piping components and quickly select them from a drop down list
  • Customize and configure your workspace
Typical Applications
  • Ensure pressure extremes are within design allowables
  • Waterhammer calculation
  • Size and locate surge suppression equipment
  • Determine imbalanced pipe forces and sizing structural supports
  • Troubleshoot existing systems to determine the cause of operational problems
  • Evaluate the effect of pressure surges due to vapor cavity collapse
Add-On Modules
Modules can work individually or together within AFT Impulse and with your existing AFT Impulse models.

Settling Slurry

The only commercial software solution that can model both non-settling and settling slurry waterhammer effects.

Pulsation Frequency Analysis

Helps identify and avoid resonant frequencies in systems, especially in those caused by positive displacement pumps.

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