AFT Viewers

Free viewers to help AFT users communicate models and analysis data with others.

Share your AFT software models and analysis data by using a complimentary viewer.

AFT provides these free viewers to open and view the results of a model that has previously been run in the full version of the application. When the viewer is installed, co-workers or customers will be able to view files when they don't have the full AFT license that was used to create the files.

AFT cannot guarantee later versions of applications will work with earlier versions of the viewer. AFT offers viewers as a courtesy to our users, not as an obligation. As such, the viewer does not necessarily reflect the latest version of our applications.

Viewers do come with limitations:

  • The model cannot be edited, changed, or run in the viewer.
  • Graphs can only be displayed from a previously created Graph List Item.
  • Please make sure the person sending you the model to view has run the model to produce output, saved the model in the form needed, and sends you the appropriate files (including the .out files).

User instructions may be found in the online help system installed with the Viewer.
Please complete the form below and you will receive an email with a link to download the viewer. If you do not receive the email within 15 minutes, please contact us and we will email the link to you.
Powerful Features


Import GIS Shapefiles, CAESAR II Neutral files and Piping Component Files (PCF) as well as import / export EPANET files


Excel Export Manager can automatically export data during a batch of scenarios. Data can be exported to specific cells.


"Test Drive" operating conditions and scenarios to determine sizes, pressures, temperatures, etc... to fix or upgrade systems


Accurately simulate individual system components interaction prior to building to ensure cost-effective & efficient designs
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