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USB Key Support

USB Key Copy Protection Setup

AFT recommends that you install the USB key using the AFT Copy Protection Setup either on the CD or downloaded from our website. Click here to download the copy protection setup.

USB Key User's Guide

A comprehensive description of HASP USB key installation, setup and troubleshooting for will be found in the HASP USB KEY GUIDE For AFT Software.

AFT software is copy protected. Only customers with a valid license will be able to run the software.
Use the "Log in" button at the top of the page to login or register a new account. Once you have logged in, the download links below will be enabled.

Utilities and Network Information

With the HASPKeyFind.exe utility you may view the licenses on your USB key and Key ID, and change the key to add licenses or upgrade to a new version using update files provided by AFT.

Occasionally the IP address of the network server where the HASP Licence Manager is running needs to be explicitly communicated to the clients. The file nethasp.ini can be modified to do this. See the instructions in the HASP USB KEY GUIDE For AFT Software for additional information.

Manual Key Setup

The following is a summary of the steps to manually install and use the USB key along with links to download the reference files:

  1. Install the USB driver HASPUserSetup.exe
  2. Copy hasp_com_windows.dll to the System32 folder and register it using RegSvr32.exe
  3. Copy hasp_windows_68889.dll to the System32 folder
  4. Copy HASPKeyFind.exe to the application folder
  5. (optional) Install DiagnostiX (aksdiag32.exe)
  6. (optional) Copy afthasprus.exe to the application folder
  7. (network only required) Install the License Manager (lmsetup.exe)
  8. (network optional) Install the License Monitor (aksmon32.exe)
  9. (optional) Copy the USB key guide (HASP_USB_KEY_GUIDE.pdf)
  10. (optional) Modify the control.aft file with "ProtectionType = 4"
  11. (optional) Copy custom.dll to where DiagnostiX is installed