AFT License Information

Step 1: Will you use a Standalone or a Network license?

Single-User (Standalone) License

A standalone license uses either a green standalone USB key or a cloud-based standalone eLicense for the Rights Management. 

If a standalone license is purchased, the software can be installed on as many computers as desired, but will only run on whichever computer either has a green standalone USB key plugged into it, or has a cloud-based standalone eLicense activated on it. The standalone license can then be transferred from user to user by either passing around the green standalone USB key or by deactivating the cloud-based standalone eLicense on the current user’s computer before activating on the next user’s computer.

Do you use a virtual environment?
Standalone licenses do not work in virtual environments or on machines with virtual processes. You will need to select a network license. 

Multi-User (Network) License

If a network license is purchased, the software license can be shared among multiple users much more easily. Users do not have to pass around a physical green standalone USB key or deactivate/activate the cloud-based standalone eLicense to share the license with others. Instead, the network license is located either on a red network USB key that is plugged into a centralized license server/machine that can see users’ computers through the network or accessed through the cloud-based network eLicense services.

Users can easily access the license simply by running the software and if the license is available, the software will launch. Once the user closes the software, the license is checked back into the network USB key or the cloud-based network eLicense.

BOTH a standalone license or a network license are offered as an eLicense or USB

Step 2: Would you like an eLicense or a USB Key?


The eLicense requires an internet connection to access the cloud based licensing service. This service keeps track of which computers have the software active. Any changes in licenses such as a new product or version upgrade can be changed nearly immediately. This option requires minimal additional configuration and we recommend it for most users.

Click here to view the eLicense Privacy Statement

eLicense Security 

Standalone (single node) Licensing:
Online or offline activation (no internet). Offline activation would be used for a dark site.

Network (multiple user) Licensing:
Online activation only.


This option does not require internet access but requires additional drivers and copy protection. If a network version is desired, further configuration is required on all machines, and a license service must be kept running on the server with the USB Key plugged in.

The USB Key physically contains licenses for AFT products - which means that the key (and associated licenses) can be lost. License changes can be made to a USB Key remotely, but requires the exchange of files via email and the use of a utility program.
Interested in learning more about your favorite AFT products?
You're in luck! Below are a few options. Contact us for any further questions.

Free Demos

Sometimes you just have to jump in and work with it yourself. AFT provides a limited version of our software so you can get the basic idea of how it works. Note: these demos are not meant to show you all of the bells and whistles.

Introductory Webinars

Watch a recorded webinar and meet our products! AFT engineers will give you insight into how the products work. Additional webinars help you solve project issues so you can model, analyze, and simulate safe and efficient piping and ducting systems. 

Common Interface

AFT models can be imported between AFT products. For example, build your steady-state model in AFT Fathom, then use that same model in AFT Impulse to analyze the surge transients. Contact us for a live walk-thru or an evaluation license.
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