AFT Impulse 9
Significant New Features

AFT Impulse™ 9 incorporates features to make modeling and analyzing
waterhammer and surge efficient so you can determine the best mitigation methods.

Analysis Setup

The System Properties window, Steady Solution Control, Add-on Modules activation, Pipe Sectioning, and Transient Control have been merged into one window called the Analysis Setup window.

Gas Accumulator Properties

The Gas Accumulator Properties window has been redesigned to improve usability and add ability to new features such as calculating liquid height

Output Alerts

Easily review better organized critical warnings, warnings and cautions. Double-click warnings to be taken to the specific pipe/junction referenced in the warning.


The Library Manager (previously the Database Manager) has been completely revised and now offers a consolidated way to use and customize libraries of fluids, pipe materials, junctions, etc.

Watch the AFT Impulse 9
New Features Webinar

Watch as new features are demonstrated so you
can quickly put them into action when building
your own AFT Impulse Analysis models.

Other features to look forward to

Build Realistic Models

Elbows, Orifices, Venturis and Screens have been added to match AFT Fathom and aide in building models

Online Help System

Use the NEW online Help System for centralized documentation and examples from your browser

Shear Rheometer Data

Convert Shear Rheometer data for Power Law and Bingham Plastic viscosity models with a helpful visual guide


Apply the Herschel-Bulkley viscosity model for shear thinning or thickening fluids with a yield stress

Custom Unit Names

Customize the display names for engineering units of measure to accommodate language or notation differences


  • Contextually update Junction Special Conditions directly from the toolbar

  • Reset Pipes and Junctions as ‘Same as Parent Scenario’ during specification from the Workspace menu


  • The Vacuum Breaker junction has been renamed to an Air Valve
  • Submerged pumps can be defined using surface pressure and depth
  • Valve transients can be specified as open percent vs time


  • Design Alerts are grouped together on their own tab in the General Output section for easy identification
  • Save time with enhanced Output window data loading speed


  • Multi-scenario graphs can now be plotted with scenarios having different pipe sectioning and time steps
  • Batch runs of multiple scenarios now report the number of Warnings and Design Alerts in each Scenario
  • Run batch runs “silently” in the background to minimize interruptions as each scenario completes
  • Search for text in Pipe and Junction Notes, useful for component specifications or intended operating conditions
  • Right-click a pipe or junction table row to quickly find the object on the Workspace

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