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It’s a New Decade, Baby – Let’s Go Solve Some Problems!

Happy New Year and Happy New Decade to all of you around the globe! As engineers, our society depends on us to help solve problems and make everyone's lives better. To provide power, water and heat are the basics. To provide transportation and communication are now critical technologies. Plus lots more. The unfortunate truth is that in solving the ...

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Where to Start with Pump Startups

Any time a rapid transient occurs in a piping system, there is a chance for unexpected surge to impact the system. Though system shutdowns account for many surge events, pump startups can cause water hammer as well. For this blog I am going to cover the basics of setting up pump and valve transients for the startup case in AFT Impulse 7, as well as...

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It's Star Wars Time Again!

Yes, tomorrow evening Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker will open in theaters here in the USA. I am a huge Star Wars fan and bought tickets back on November 2 for a show this Friday evening, December 20. Just two more days for me! So, who cares? In this season of the pending impeachment of US President Trump, British elections and Brexit, and protes...

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Engineering Technology East and West: Riding on a Bullet (Train) in China

At this moment I am on a bullet (i.e., high speed) train from Xi'an to Beijing in China. It is a 4.5 hour trip at speeds of over 325 km/hr (200 mph). So cool! I am very fortunate. Since founding AFT 25 years ago, I have been able to travel the world and visit 30 countries. Along the way, I have made many international friends and have met many engi...

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Know Your Pump & System Curves – Part 2A

Many users enjoyed my previous blog, "Know Your Pump & System Curves – Part 1" and greatly anticipated the release of Part 2. I'm going to split Part 2 into two separate blogs: Part 2A Brief discussion on why system curves matterPump & System Curves for multi-branched piping systems§How you can have different system curves for the...

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Making Sense of xT – Valve Loss in Compressible Flow

Almost every piping system has valves, and an accurate solution requires accurate valve losses. For incompressible systems, this is relatively straightforward. What happens when we introduce the complexities of compressible flow?  

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Engineers: Stress and Pressure at Work

Engineers have a tough life. I mean what other profession has to deal with stress, pressure and strain? It sounds like engineers have a lot in common with mental health professionals. If you are a fluids engineer like I am, then strain itself is not enough. What matters is how fast the strain happens (the rate of strain). This affects the viscosity...

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