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Waterhammer and World Languages – A Decade Ago and Today

An amusing minor coincidence happened to me in writing this President's Perspective. I have been thinking for a while about writing an update to a blog I wrote some time ago about what various world languages call the English word waterhammer. I happened to decide that this was the month I was going to update my previous blog. And when I looked bac...

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Would Newton Approve of How You Use His Law?

 Improve Safety & Accuracy in Pipe Force Predictions ASME B31 piping code requires engineers to consider loads on pipes from waterhammer, steam hammer and other fluid transients. In principle, this means using Newton's Second Law which he published over three centuries ago. In 1687 to be specific. And in Latin if you want to read it in its...

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Houston, the Energy Capital of the World…Friend or Foe?

Today I flew into Houston for probably the 30th time. To many, Houston represents the fading past of an unsustainable energy monstrosity. To others it represents ingenuity, opportunity and a sort of pride at being the backbone in the development of modern civilization. The reality is we all need energy. Our ancestors built water wheels to harness e...

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Safety In Nuclear Power Steam Piping Part II: Some Background on Engineer Evans Goodling

Evans Goodling? An engineer? Who is that? Until last month I had almost no idea. The ASME 2022 PVP conference in Las Vegas last month changed that. There I met someone who knows Goodling personally and worked with him in ASME for many years. He gave me some background on how Goodling came up with his steam hammer load prediction method. Which is wh...

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Steam Piping in Nuclear Power Plants Is Not As Safe As Commonly Believed

As if we all need something else to worry about, right? But I am afraid it is true. The concern stems from how fast steam acoustic waves steepen as they transmit through a system. This steepening causes transient forces on the steam piping much higher than conventional methods predict. When I was beta testing AFT's latest software product, AFT xStr...

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Space Debris, Forever Chemicals and Zombie Movies - the Quest for Sustainability

I love post-apocalyptic movies. My first introduction to the genre may have been the original Planet of the Apes I watched with my father as a young child. Today I will admit to really enjoying The Walking Dead. Most of these shows assert a disaster happened that was often man-made. While Hollywood scares us in an entertaining fashio...

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Looking Behind High Gasoline/Petrol Prices – Trends in Oil Refining

The price of gasoline is at a record high. What is going on? How long will it last? Unlike in recent years, today there are some easily identifiable world events and trends causing this. And refining is a big one. That is the main reason that refining company Valero Energy has the second-best growth among S&P 500 stocks in 2022 (as of May ...

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