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A Space Shuttle Trifecta Achieved Today

It was not intentional. The Trifecta I mean. It just sort of happened organically. But now that I have completed it, I think it is kind of cool. There are three Space Shuttles that have flown into space and are now in American museums: Discovery - in the Smithsonian Air & Space Museum in Chantilly, Virginia (near Washington D.C. ...

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When a Lowly Engineering Student Ends Up Working With One of His Exalted Professors

Gary Vanderplaats was one of my (exalted) professors in 1985 when I was a (lowly) Senior engineering student at UCSB. If not for Gary, there would be no GSC modules for AFT Fathom or AFT Arrow, and no new AFT Fathom ANS module either. Why? First, back in 1985 UCSB had a required course for ME students in Design Optimization. It was probably one of ...

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What’s Old is New Again: Introducing the New Automated Networking Sizing Add-on Module

Way back 18 years ago, in February 2001, AFT introduced a groundbreaking new technology to the marketplace. We called the technology IntelliFlow® and it was implemented in a new product called AFT Mercury™. We liked to tell people that "AFT Mercury is AFT Fathom on steroids". AFT Mercury built on the foundation of AFT Fathom, and the IntelliFlow te...

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An Unexpected Honor After 34 Years as an ASME Member

I remember when I joined ASME as a senior in engineering school. I remember the day I received my first copy of Mechanical Engineering magazine - and what the cover story was about (I still have a copy of that magazine!). I remember attending my first ASME conference (where I presented my first paper). It is an understatement to say that my enginee...

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A Modern Equivalent of “Beating Swords into Plowshares”

Every once in a while I write a blog related to my life before AFT. Today is one of those days. And I am going to talk about swords and plowshares. This is a reference to the Old Testament book of Isaiah of moving from war to peace. First, bear with me while I tell a humorous story of the early days of AFT that relates to plows. I was applying for ...

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The United States Government Is Shut Down. Does Anyone Care?

Those living outside the USA may not know that our government has been shut down for about a month now. Those inside the USA may or may not have seen the effects and, for some of us, may be completely oblivious. For those who work for the US government, I am sure all of you know about the shut down very well as you have gotten an unscheduled vacati...

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The Powerful Yet Frail Human Mind: Reality, Cognitive Biases, and Collective Hallucinations

Every once in awhile I read a book that really influences me. One such book is The Undoing Project by Michael Lewis (author of several other books that have been made into major Hollywood films – including The Blind Side and The Big Short). The Undoing Project discusses the insightful and innovative work of psychologists Daniel Kahneman and Am...

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