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Orbital Reef: A Business Park in Space?

Getting things into orbit around the earth is hard. And expensive. The privatization trend in space technologies has been ongoing for a number of years, and new technologies are reducing costs significantly. A few weeks ago Sierra Space was joined by Blue Origin, Boeing and several other organizations in releasing details of their plan to deliver a...

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Calling All Waterhammer Experts – We Need You On This New Committee!

As you know, AFT is a developer of a world leading waterhammer simulation tool in AFT Impulse. We regularly get asked for waterhammer guidance by engineers tasked with building piping systems. While there are some excellent waterhammer resources available, there is not much decision-making content from non-commercial authoritative organizations. Th...

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Eagles: NFL Football Team, National Emblem or Wind Turbine Foe?

Last Friday I saw a bald eagle. Up close. The closest I have ever been to an eagle in the wild. Just off the highway sitting on a fencepost. We also saw a lot of wind turbines. And, yes, wind turbines are the foes of eagles. Which is a sad by-product of wind power technology. More on that later. Tonight the 2021 NFL football season starts. And, yes...

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The Fluid Mechanics of an African Safari

Last week I got back after three weeks in East Africa – my first international travel since the COVID-19 pandemic started. I had some out-of-the-ordinary encounters with fluid flow. So, I decided this month to depart from my usual tech-centric format and have some fun. Here are some brief topics I will discuss and a few photos I took… Open Channel ...

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Why Does Pipe Flow Hydraulics Need an Institute?

It is not the name I would have chosen. And originally it was called the Hydraulic Society when founded a little over a century ago in 1917. In 1933 it was renamed the Hydraulic Institute (also known as just "HI"). And today HI is "the global authority on pumps and pumping systems". Originally, and for many decades, one had to be a North American p...

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I Got My Professional Engineer (P.E.) License – OK, Why?

Engineering is a strange profession in many ways. One area of strangeness is what we can legally call ourselves. Or not. In medicine, law, or accounting, you cannot practice the profession without a license. And that typically involves passing an exam. It may be difficult to accomplish, but the process is straightforward. In engineering things are ...

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Gas and Steam Transient Analysis is Freaking Hard!

Whew! That was a lot of hard work! As of Monday, April 12, 2021, AFT xStream™ is loaded up and ready to go. And to help you simulate things you have only guessed at before. When we engaged Fred Moody a few years ago to teach a short course at AFT that covered compressible gas and steam transients, we were not certain a commercial quality product co...

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