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(Almost) Live Report From the HUUUUGE MINExpo in Las Vegas

This week I was in Las Vegas at the 2016 MINExpo. AFT had a booth at the show and I hoped to publish this during the show and call it a "live" report. Alas I did not get it completed and the show ended yesterday. Hence it is "almost" live.

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The Difficult Task of Balancing the Environment and the Economy

Last month my wife and I visited the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History in Washington, D.C. While there we saw an inspiring IMAX movie on the American National Parks. I have visited many of these parks and, living in the beautiful American state of Colorado, I have a great appreciation for the importance of preserving natural beauty and the environment. This month the American National Park Service celebrates it's 100th anniversary.

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A 30,000 Foot View of the BREXIT Trend: Should We Stay or Should We Go - or Should We Even Care?

I am writing this from over 30,000 feet (actually 35,001 feet/10,667 meters according to my video map) over the Atlantic Ocean and on my way to Europe. The recent vote of the UK citizenry to leave the European Union (EU) is a hot topic at the moment (what everyone has been calling BREXIT). And I just finished reading yet another article on BREXIT. So I decided to digest some of what I have gathered in an article and here it is.

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Predicting the Future? Oil, Politics, the Economy and Engineering

My career has been spent applying engineering principles to predict the future - specifically how actual or planned physical systems will respond in the future. Such predictions of course allow engineers to make decisions on safety, energy, environmental impact, and cost. Physical systems follow the laws of physics. Compared to other areas of human endeavor like oil, politics, and the economy, engineering is easy. 

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How Does AFT Software Make the World a Safer Place?

Safety is a primary consideration in engineering design. Safety for people is always paramount. Safety for the environment is an ever-growing focus of engineers. Any engineer worth the name would feel devastated if their engineering effort failed for some reason to protect people and the environment. One of the things engineers rely on to make system designs and operations safer are analytical tools like those developed by Applied Flow Technology (AFT). How does AFT software make the world a safer place?

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Now For Something Completely Different: The New Graph Guide in AFT Impulse 6

AFT Impulse will be celebrating it's 20th anniversary later this year in November. I was the original software developer of AFT Impulse back in 1996 and was still actively writing code up through AFT Impulse 4. So AFT Impulse is near and dear to my heart. Within the next few days we will be releasing AFT Impulse 6 and it will have some new and extremely powerful graphing features (more on that below).

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How Will the Death of Moore's Law Affect Engineers?

Borrowing a line from Mark Twain, the death of Moore's Law has been greatly exaggerated. Many times over the years. But have the death prognosticators gotten it right this time? And, if so, what will it mean for engineers?

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