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Making the Most of Your Extra Time

"Who has extra time?", you ask. Well, at least for today, we all do. Because today is the day on which a "leap second" will be added - according to this article in TIME magazine.

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The Cool, New Features Coming Soon in AFT Fathom 9

I like cool new features in software. And I am especially proud of those in the upcoming AFT Fathom 9. We expect this new version to be available in the next two months. Below I will touch on some of the new features I think will be of most interest to you.

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Why Are Engineers So Dissatisfied?

Engineers often think in terms of extremes in order to add perspective to a problem. So I will engage in some extreme thinking here to help understand why engineers are by and large a very dissatisfied group of people.

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Should Engineers Always Perform Waterhammer Analysis of New Pipe Systems? Part 2

Two years ago this month I wrote this blog article: "Should Engineers Always Perform Waterhammer Analysis of New Pipe Systems?". This was a popular blog. It was written from the fluid dynamic engineer's perspective.

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The Blessing and Curse of Computational Engineering Software

We have all heard it countless times - "Garbage in, garbage out". As applied to engineering, and specifically to computational engineering software, the admonition is clear - we have to be certain we are properly specifying our engineering input to the software which will compute the behavior we seek to understand.

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AFT 20th Anniversary Conclusion: Prizes, Awards and the Future of AFT

Last month AFT concluded its 20th year as a world leading provider of fluid flow simulation software products. A year ago I wrote about AFT's 20th anniversary and the prizes we would be awarding.

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Falling Oil Prices...Good or Bad?

Everyone - at least everyone in the USA - is talking about falling oil prices:

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