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Making the Most of Your Extra Time

"Who has extra time?", you ask. Well, at least for today, we all do. Because today is the day on which a "leap second" will be added - according to this article in TIME magazine.

But you can find extra time in other ways that do not depend an calendar adjustments. That time is found by accomplishing your assigned engineering tasks in less time. And that is where AFT software can and does help engineering companies in 70+ countries around the world. Below is a list of the top five ways AFT software saves engineers time:

Top Five Ways AFT Software Saves Engineers Time

  1. Engineering unit conversions - This is the bane of every engineer. We have all made an error in unit conversions at one point in our careers. Hopefully it is not as public as the error that led to a multimillion dollar failure of a Mars spacecraft. For over 20 years AFT software has had the most robust set of engineering unit options than anyone else. Users can select their units for any input on the fly and can have different units for input and output. Moreover, engineers can see output in multiple unit sets simultaneously. 
  2. Automated Goal Seeking - in 2004 AFT introduced the goal seeking & control (GSC module) to AFT Fathom and later to AFT Arrow. This module automates the search for input parameters to achieve desired output. With the new Beta method and improved multi-variable goal seeking in the upcoming AFT Fathom 9 next month, engineers can save more time than ever before.
  3. Scenario Manager - The Scenario Manager has been in AFT software since 1999. This offers engineers a powerful way to keep track of all their cases and design variants all within one input file. It futher allows engineers to run multiple cases and to manage changes to the model in a logical, hierarchical structure.
  4. User Created Databases - Users can save frequently used data into databases. These can be easily reused and shared with other engineers - even on local and wide area networks around the world.
  5. Graphical, drag-and-drop interface - Were you aware that AFT Fathom, AFT Arrow and AFT Impulse were the first graphical products for pipe flow simulation for Microsoft Windows? The very first in the world? Our innovative graphical interface has saved engineers countless hours by simplifying and accelerating the model building process.

So put that extra second in the calendar today to good use. And put to good use the time you have saved using AFT software!

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Tuesday, 26 September 2023
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