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Welcome to the Applied Flow Technology Blog where you will find the latest news and training on how to use AFT Fathom, AFT Arrow, AFT Impulse, AFT xStream and other AFT software products.

The First Visual Software for Windows Released 20 Years Ago This Month

Applied Flow Technology has been an innovator and industry leader since its founding in 1994. AFT Fathom™ was the first of its kind – a graphical, drag-and-drop platform for modeling pipe system hydraulics.

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The Quest For Controlling Energy Costs

One of my favorite lines from the movie Apollo 13 was when an engineer exclaimed, “Power is everything!”. Nothing happens without power. Power, the rate at which energy is used, underlies everything in modern society.

Trends in energy economics are impacting industries and entire nations. Some recent articles about European chemical production and refining illustrate this.

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Recent Nuclear Fusion Breakthrough Supported by AFT Arrow

It is always interesting to see items in the news where our software has played a role. Last week a breakthrough in nuclear research was achieved at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory's (LLNL) National Ignition Facility (NIF).

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The Two P's: Why You Should Care That AFT is Celebrating Its 20th Year

There are two good reasons you should care that Applied Flow Technology is celebrating it's 20th anniversary this year.

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Reflecting on AFT's 20 Years

Applied Flow Technology was incorporated on January 6, 1994. It was a very cold day in Canton, Ohio when we visited the attorney to sign the incorporation papers. That day was filled with excitement and promise. The promise of an idea. An idea to move the engineering analysis software market forward by introducing visual, drag-and-drop methods of modeling fluid flow in piping systems.
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From There to Here - The History of AFT Impulse Up Through the New Version 5

AFT Impulse 5 was released today and offers a plethora of new features sure to keep waterhammer engineers more productive than ever - and help them build even safer piping systems. How did AFT Impulse get to where it is today?

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AFT Fathom Smooths Earthquake Impact From California's San Andreas Fault

The Los Angeles Aqueduct conveys water from the Owens River in the Eastern Sierra Nevada mountains to the city of Los Angeles. The system provides 80% of the water to Los Angeles. Part of the aqueduct system travels through the 5.5 mile (9 km) Elizabeth Tunnel. The San Andreas fault cuts across the tunnel and a major earthquake at this location has the potential to cut off this water supply to the city for over a year.

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