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May the Force Be With You: Evaluating Unbalanced Forces Caused by Waterhammer

A common task among pipe stress engineers is to evaluate loads on pipe systems caused by waterhammer. Since AFT Impulse 4.0 was released our users have had the ability to calculate waterhammer-induced unbalanced forces for use in any pipe stress analysis application. In addition, our users can create specially formatted transfer files for direct use in CAESAR II and TRIFLEX. However, the process of calculating such forces in AFT Impulse and then applying them in pipe stress software is not as straightforward as it sounds. Our customers have asked for assistance in this process. I have teamed with AFT's distributor in Canada...

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My 50th Anniversary Visit to the Site of John Glenn’s First American Flight Into Space

Many of you probably saw in the news that today, Monday, February 20th, is the 50th anniversary of John Glenn’s flight into space. The flight was aboard a Mercury-Atlas rocket dubbed Friendship 7. This historic event was a significant step on the way to the Apollo missions to the moon.

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Why I Like Bill Gates More Than Steve Jobs

I have an iPod - to which I am very attached. I hike frequently in the Colorado Mountains near where I live and I can’t do it without my iPod. I can’t work out at the gym without my iPod. I can’t drive my car without my iPod.

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It’s the Economy, Stupid. Or Is It?

A few months ago I attended a CEO forum in Colorado where a big topic on the minds of the 1000 CEOs in attendance was the state and direction of the US and global economy. The keynote speaker Brian Beaulieu began his presentation with this assessment of the economy from TIME magazine:

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Thankful for the Opportunity to Shape a Changing World

Wherever I go I see change. China is undergoing massive change in a relatively short period of time which has impacted Western nations both positively and negatively – as well as the rest of the world. China’s growth in manufacturing is impacting Australia in a huge way and driving much of the Australian economy through accessing its abundant natural resources.

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AFT Around the World

In early October, I conducted a 5-day training seminar in Lima, Peru. There were seven different companies represented from Peru and Chile. It is always interesting to see the variety of applications for AFT software and Peru was no exception where many of the engineers are involved in mining operations. Peru is a leading producer of copper, gold, silver, phosphate and potash with over $16 billion in exports in 2009. The engineers at the seminar had a variety of active project responsibilities. These ranged from long transport pipelines, to storage and transfer systems, to refining and process facilities. The course emphasized...

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Where Did the Name "Fathom" Come From?

A frequently asked question at our training seminars - usually during a break or over lunch - is how we came up with the name "Fathom". More completely, the product is named AFT Fathom™ and it is considered by many as the world's leading pipe flow modeling software product.

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