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AFT Fathom 8...Worth the Wait

We at Applied Flow Technology are really excited about the new version of AFT Fathom 8 coming in September. Once our customers get their hands on it we are confident they will be equally excited. This version represents the most significant upgrade since AFT Fathom 4 was released in year 2000. It will further establish AFT Fathom as the world's leading pipe flow modeling tool.The prices are increasing soon so if you are planning to order new AFT Fathom licenses or SUM annual support do not delay. Read further for more details.The effort to move AFT Fathom from version 7 to 8 turned...

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The Future of Engineering - Part 2

This article is the second in a two-part series on the future of engineering. Part 1 was discussed last month in The Future of Engineering - Part 1.

I was teaching a training class a few months ago at Kennedy Space Center in Florida and had the good fortune to get a guided tour of the space center by "Rob," one of the attendees in my class. I wrote about this tour in  My 50th Anniversary Visit to the Site of John Glenn’s First American Flight Into Space.

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The Future of Engineering - Part 1

May and June are the time for graduations in the USA. My third son graduated from high school this month and will be pursuing a major in Aerospace Engineering. My oldest son is finishing his third year in Mining Engineering and my second son has started into a Mechanical Engineering major. Engineering education and the future of engineering is a frequent discussion topic around our home.

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Where Did the Name "Arrow" Come From?

A frequently asked question at our training seminars - usually during a break or over lunch - is how we came up with the name "Arrow". More completely, the product is named AFT Arrow™ and it is considered by many as the world's leading compressible pipe flow modeling software product.

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Why I Like Bill Gates More Than Steve Jobs

I have an iPod - to which I am very attached. I hike frequently in the Colorado Mountains near where I live and I can’t do it without my iPod. I can’t work out at the gym without my iPod. I can’t drive my car without my iPod.

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It’s the Economy, Stupid. Or Is It?

A few months ago I attended a CEO forum in Colorado where a big topic on the minds of the 1000 CEOs in attendance was the state and direction of the US and global economy. The keynote speaker Brian Beaulieu began his presentation with this assessment of the economy from TIME magazine:

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Thankful for the Opportunity to Shape a Changing World

Wherever I go I see change. China is undergoing massive change in a relatively short period of time which has impacted Western nations both positively and negatively – as well as the rest of the world. China’s growth in manufacturing is impacting Australia in a huge way and driving much of the Australian economy through accessing its abundant natural resources.

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