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AFT Blog

Welcome to the Applied Flow Technology Blog.
Trey Walters

A Triple Choke Example: Why Getting Choked Flow Right Matters

With the release of AFT Arrow 6 last month, this month I am going to depart from my usual monthly high level focus and instead get more detailed technically on compressible pipe flow. I am going to revive a topic from 1996 where we built a "Triple Choke" steam flow model in AFT Arrow 1.0. This model is discussed in our AFT Arrow training seminars, so those of you have attended one of these will have seen it. It also has been part of the AFT Arrow Help system documentation since at least 1999. There are three geometric situations which can...
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Guest — Gary Holleran
It would be helpful to comment on how much the stated solution deviates from one solved for precisely Ma = 1. Specifically, the r... Read More
Monday, 04 January 2016 17:37
Trey Walters
A bit delayed answer - sorry - but we have found that converging exactly on M = 1 is very difficult during iterations - largely be... Read More
Thursday, 18 February 2016 01:09
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Trey Walters

Where Did the Name "Arrow" Come From?

A frequently asked question at our training seminars - usually during a break or over lunch - is how we came up with the name "Arrow". More completely, the product is named AFT Arrow™ and it is considered by many as the world's leading compressible pipe flow modeling software product. There is a similar story behind the naming of AFT Fathom™ and I told that story several months ago in my post entitled Where did the Name Fathom Come From? The story behind the Arrow name is rooted in the beginnings of Applied Flow Technology as a company. So let's go back to...
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