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AFT Blog

Welcome to the Applied Flow Technology Blog.
Trey Walters

AFT Arrow Turns 20 This Month - the Behind the Scenes Story

When I started AFT back in 1994 I had the idea to develop a product for compressible flow in pipe systems. After AFT Fathom 1.0 was released in April 1994 I began research on numerical methods for compressible flow in pipe networks. Books and papers that claimed to offer methods for compressible flow inevitably focused on single pipe applications with adiabatic or isothermal flow - and often with ideal gases. I wanted to develop a real gas software that could model heat transfer and simulate pipe networks.  Eventually I gave up looking for published methods and set it aside to focus on...
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Applied Flow Technology

Congratulations 20th Anniversary Contest Winners!

Applied Flow Technology celebrated our 20th Anniversary in 2014 with 20 gifts to you, our customers!  In our monthly newsletter, the AFT Pipeline (click here to sign up to receive it), we presented an equation. Those with the correct answer were entered to win both the monthly prize and the 8 grand prizes. In addition to the 12 monthly prizes, quarterly bonus questions on aft.com provided the opportunity to be entered to win one of 8 grand prizes - for a total of 20 prizes awarded for the year.  Congratulations to our winners and thanks for playing along all year! Grand...
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