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AFT Blog

Welcome to the Applied Flow Technology Blog where you will find the latest news and training on how to use AFT Fathom, AFT Arrow, AFT Impulse, AFT xStream and other AFT software products.
Trey Walters

America's Wacky New President...and Technology

I am not a political commentator. But anyone not living in a cave has to admit that the past year of American politics was just plain wacky. For those of you for whom English is not your first language, "wacky" is a word that basically means (by my personal definition) "strange, highly unusual and a bit crazy". Which also applies to Donald Trump.

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Recent Comments
Guest — Michael Shahrokhani
Dear Trey, I agree with you he is a wacky and he shows more of his wackiness every day which is pathetic as the president of the ... Read More
Monday, 06 February 2017 09:12
Trey Walters
Dear Michael: I will tread carefully in the area of politics and just say that there are many places in the world where similar t... Read More
Monday, 06 February 2017 16:17
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Trey Walters

The Drones Are Coming! The Drones Are Coming!

News on the development of drones (also known as Unmanned Aerial Vehicles or UAVs - or UUVs if underwater) is on the rise. The applications for UAV technology to support engineering activity seem endless. However, as with all new technologies, UAVs can potentially negatively interfere with pre-existing operations, laws and regulations, general accepted practice, as well as common decency.

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Guest — Michael Shahrokhani
Thank you Trey, you are right there are unbelievable variations and usages of drones and many of their usages are not known now bu... Read More
Thursday, 27 November 2014 08:52
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Trey Walters

Should Engineers Always Perform Waterhammer Analysis of New Pipe Systems?

The question of whether waterhammer analysis on new pipe systems is optional or required does not have a definite answer. In some cases it is clear - such as when the pipe system is being designed in compliance with ASME code (see How AFT Impulse Can Help Engineers Comply With ASME Codes). But in many cases it is up to experience and judgment whether or not to perform waterhammer analysis.

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