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An Unexpected Honor After 34 Years as an ASME Member

I remember when I joined ASME as a senior in engineering school. I remember the day I received my first copy of Mechanical Engineering magazine - and what the cover story was about (I still have a copy of that magazine!). I remember attending my first ASME conference (where I presented my first paper).

It is an understatement to say that my engineering career has turned out much different than I was expecting back in those days. The ups and downs of my early career influenced me to do something I was never planning to do – to start a new company.

I have now spent the last quarter century working to build Applied Flow Technology into what it is today. That has had many challenges, and I have been fortunate to have been able to overcome those challenges - with good teachers, good mentors, good people around me at AFT, hard work and a healthy dose of sheer good luck.

A little over a year ago an ASME Fellow who I was acquainted with, and had great respect for, told me he wanted to nominate me as an ASME Fellow. He recognized what I had been able to do in getting AFT started and to develop the internationally respected software products AFT offers. As the founder of AFT I wrote the software for those early products myself. In the ensuing years I brought on new staff to help. Our products as they are today are something I could never have done alone, and I have a great team who works with me at AFT to create those products.

A couple months ago I was notified that ASME had honored me by electing me as a Fellow – something that happens to only 3% of ASME members. I can truly say I was not expecting that and am humbled and greatly honored to be included among other accomplished Mechanical Engineers.

The formal presentation will take place at the ASME PVP 2019 conference this July in San Antonio, Texas. I have many people to thank, among them are the great team at AFT, and those of you who use AFT products and trust them to guide your engineering designs and your businesses and organizations. Thank you, it has been an honor working with all of you for the last 25 years!

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Sunday, 25 February 2024
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