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You’ve got a nice piping system! But how much will it cost?

You have just finished designing your system and built a model of your system in AFT Fathom and have convinced your team and the client that the system will achieve all the desired pressures, flow rates, and temperatures.  The next big question is, “How much will this system cost?”  With AFT Fathom, you have the ability to answer that question in great detail!

You can easily determine the full cost of pipe materials and system components!  Not only that, but you can quickly figure out how much it will cost to install and operate the entire system!   You will even be able to account for interest and inflation rates as well as operation/energy costs over a system life.

AFT Fathom will provide a full breakdown of the material, installation, maintenance, and operation/energy costs in a very convenient and easy-to-read reporting format such as the one below.

Figure 1: Example of a full cost report of an entire system including material, installation, maintenance and operational costs.

Figure 1: Example Cost Report

With the power and flexibility of AFT Fathom, you will be able to quickly and efficiently develop various engineering and cost databases to apply to the system model.  This makes it easy to evaluate costs from different vendors, analyze costs of building the system in different locations, and even evaluate the cost of using different monetary unit systems!

For a detailed walk-through tutorial on how to perform cost calculations, update to the latest release of AFT Fathom (2014.02.12) and refer to the examples “Cost Calculations – Beginner” and “Plant Cooling Cost Calculations”. *Please note that you will need to be logged into the AFT website and hold a current license of AFT Fathom in order to download this release.

AFT Arrow ALSO has full cost calculation capabilities for compressible systems.  Currently,CST (Cost Calculation) capabilities are available in standard AFT Arrow version 5!!  So make sure that the Support, Upgrade, and Maintenance (SUM) agreement of your AFT Arrow license is current so that you can be upgraded to version 5 at no additional cost.

You will then be able to perform full cost calculations of compressible systems, thus, saving money!

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