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Automatic Renumbering

All of the pipe numbers in Fathom must be unique. When adding a pipe to a model, the new pipe number will be incremented based on the highest pipe number currently in the model. For example, you may only have 25 pipes on the workspace, but if the highest pipe number is 100, a new pipe will automatically be assigned number 101. After several iterations of deleting and adding new pipes, the numbering scheme may be reduced to chaos.

AFT Fathom provides three tools to quickly and easily renumber pipes. They can be found in the Edit menu.

Fathom Edit Menu

The Renumbering Wizard allows the user to change pipe numbers one at a time. Simply enter the starting pipe number and the increment size, then go to the workspace and click on the pipes you want to change.

Automatic Renumbering allows the user to change all pipes or junctions in a selected area at the same time. If you need to renumber the entire mode, this would be an easy way to do it.

Renumber Window

Incremental renumbering will change all pipes or junctions in a selected area by adding an offset to each pipe. For example, if your pipe numbers range from 1 to 100, but you want one section of the model to be set apart, you can select the desired region and increment all of the pipes by 1000. When viewing the model data or output windows the incremented pipes will be easy to identify.

Increment Window

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Sunday, 25 February 2024
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