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Using Orthogonal Pipe Drawing in AFT Fathom 7.0

A new feature in AFT Fathom 7.0, orthogonal pipe drawing automatically inserts an intermediate vertex into a pipe and adjusts the length of the pipe segments to create a right angle graphical bend between the pipe end points. Orthogonal drawing can be turned on either from Options, Workspace Preferences Display Options tab, or quickly toggled on and off with the F4 key.

By toggling orthogonal drawing on and off you can easily mix pipe drawing modes and even have drawing modes compliment each other. For example, with orthogonal drawing toggled off, select a pipe and insert a segment using AFT Fathom's Segment Manager (shortcut key = ctl-E). Now when you toggle orthogonal drawing back on and drag this pipes end point, a new orthogonal section is created starting from the intermediate vertex created when you added the pipe segment.

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