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AFT Fathom 12 New Features are Here

 New versions of AFT Fathom, AFT Arrow, and AFT Impulse are being released in the upcoming months. This round of releases focuses on major interface changes which will improve user efficiency. Check out these new features and improvements that will be in Fathom 12, Arrow 9 and Impulse 9.

Analysis Setup

To make the modelling process simpler the necessary modeling input windows such as the System Properties window, Solution Control, Add-on Modules activation, Cost Settings, etc. have been merged into one window called the Analysis Setup window.

The Analysis Setup window will open straight to the panel that needs to be defined next. Other required inputs will be indicated by the red exclamation point symbol, making it easy to see where all required inputs should be entered.

Improved Organization of Warnings

The critical warnings, warnings and cautions organization has been updated to make it easier to review warnings in the model. Additional functionality has also been added such as being able to double-click warnings to be taken to the specific pipe/junction referenced in the warning, such as is demonstrated below.


A new Library Manager has been created to replace the Database Manager. Similar to the Analysis Setup window the Library Manager consolidates all of the windows needed to use Libraries into one location. Libraries of user-specified data for fluids, pipe materials, fittings & losses, etc can be created, modified, and connected all from the Library Manager. 

Other New Features

In addition to the above workflow improvements here are some other features to look forward to:

  • Zero-Length Connectors: Pipes can be modeled as zero-length connectors in order to represent a lossless connection between two junctions. This is useful for modeling two junctions that are directly flanged together.
  • Pump As Turbine (Fathom 12 only): The Pump As Turbine (PAT) option added in Impulse 8 will now be available in Fathom 12 as well to model steady PAT operation, or slow transients using the XTS module.
  • Herschel-Bulkley non-Newtonian viscosity model (Fathom 12 and Impulse 9 only): A new non-Newtonian viscosity model has been added to model power law fluids which have an apparent yield stress.
  • Heat Transfer output parameters have been added to the Visual Report

To see a complete list of new features or to read up on other features in Fathom 12 please check out our Fathom 12 Help Site.
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Sunday, 25 February 2024
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