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AFT Product Tips

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Model Specialty Valves Accurately with AFT Impulse 5

Applied Flow Technology is proud to release a new version of AFT Impulse, now at version 5. AFT Impulse 5 encapsulates all of the new interface and navigational enhancements from AFT Fathom 8, as well as a considerable breadth of new and improved technical features.

One such feature is our newly enhanced Relief Valve Junction. A relief valve can still be modeled as Internal, Exit, or Inline Exit, but we now offer four unique opening/closing profiles as well. With these new profiles, you can now directly model many specialty valves which were previously difficult to model accurately!

Relief Valve Properties Window

Another very useful enhancement to Impulse 5 is the ability to overlay the junction labels on a profile plot, as shown below.

Overlaying the Junction Labels on a Profile Plot

AFT Impulse 5 includes many additional new features and enhancements including a new Weir Junction, and the ability to lock network model files that are in use. For a full list of the new features found in AFT Impulse 5, click here

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Friday, 28 January 2022

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