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What do NASA, DuPont, GDF Suez and the University of Arkansas know about AFT software that you may not? Watch it here!


Introducing Applied Flow Technology

AFT Intro Video

Fluid transportation is an integral part of today's society. AFT software products have emerged as world leaders in helping engineers move fluids more safely and efficiently. There are countless examples of this. We have chosen four such stories to help engineers understand how our products can help them solve problems and improve their engineering designs and operations. We developed a video to tell this story. Watch it here!


The first story talks about how AFT Fathom helped DuPont solve a serious operational problem in three newly designed slurry systems. I co-authored a technical paper along with DuPont's Dan Wood to describe this to industry.




AFT Impulse Video

AFT Impulse Video


The second story is about how AFT Impulse has been used by engineers at NASA's Kennedy Space Center in Florida. NASA developed a waterhammer model of the sound suppression deluge system in the "flame trench" of the Space Shuttle launch pad. This system is a critical safety system which disburses acoustic waves that are generated by the ignition of rocket engines. If you want to learn more about this system you can watch some Youtube videos here and here.

This story is also part of a video specifically on AFT Impulse found on the AFT Impulse product page and also shown above.

I had the good fortune to visit the Kennedy Space Center for a training class on the 50th anniversary of John Glenn's first American flight into space. You can read more about (and see pictures from) that interesting visit in my previous post entitled My 50th Anniversary Visit to the Site of John Glenn’s First American Flight Into Space.




AFT Arrow Video

AFT Arrow Video

GDF Suez in Poland

The third story is about how AFT Arrow was used by Energoprojekt Katowice SA in Poland to design a new a flue gas desulfurization unit for a GDF Suez plant on the Vistula River in Poland. After construction Energoprojekt Katowice got some measurements of the system and found they compared well to the predictions by AFT Arrow. I co-authored a technical article with Adam Klepacki on this.

This story is also part of a video specifically on AFT Arrow found on the AFT Arrow product page and also shown above.




AFT Fathom Video

AFT Fathom Video

University of Arkansas

The final story is about how AFT Fathom was used at the University of Arkansas at Fayetteville to model the campus chilled water system used for air conditioning buildings on campus. As a result the university is now saving over a million dollars each year on energy costs. The work was done by engineering firm TME Consulting Engineers and is described in this AFT case study.

This story is also part of a video specifically on AFT Fathom found on the AFT Fathom product page and also shown above.




Tell us what you think of our new family of videos and the stories behind them! Enjoy!

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Using Three Way Valves in AFT Fathom

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Sunday, 25 February 2024
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