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Shhhh! Suppressing Sound Waves From Rocket and Space Shuttle Engines

In case you have not noticed, rockets can be really loud. Sound suppression on vertically launched rockets (and the Space Shuttle, back when it was flying) is more important than most of you would think. And for a different reason than most of you would guess.

Every so often I get to talk about my first job which was in the aerospace industry where I first learned about sound suppression systems. Today AFT software is used on several of these systems by our customers in the aerospace industry as well as NASA. 

The flowrate of water used in the sound suppression process is enormous. Which is why they are often called "deluge systems".

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What do NASA, DuPont, GDF Suez and the University of Arkansas know about AFT software that you may not? Watch it here!


Introducing Applied Flow Technology

AFT Intro Video

Fluid transportation is an integral part of today's society. AFT software products have emerged as world leaders in helping engineers move fluids more safely and efficiently. There are countless examples of this. We have chosen four such stories to help engineers understand how our products can help them solve problems and improve their engineering designs and operations. We developed a video to tell this story. Watch it here!

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