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Liquids And Gases And Slurries, Oh My!

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If you know how to use AFT Fathom, then you are over the learning curve by about 90%

when it comes to knowing how to use AFT Arrow, and about 80% of how to use AFT Impulse.

One of the best advantages to AFT software tools is they offer a full solution for any single-phase pipe flow analysis calculations.

Whether you are dealing with liquids, gases, or slurries in your piping systems, AFT can handle it! The interface and overall functionality for each product is the same. Therefore, there is no need to worry about having to deal with a separate learning curve for each product.

Also, each product has a few add-on modules. When you learn the powerful time-saving capability of the AFT Fathom Goal Seek & Control (GSC) module, this knowledge translates directly to using the AFT Arrow Goal Seek & Control (GSC) module. Dealing with slurries using the AFT Impulse Settling Slurry (SSL) module is no different than working with the AFT Fathom SSL module.

The other significant advantage is that any AFT model file can be imported or exported between any AFT product. This is incredibly useful because if you need to do a steady-state analysis with AFT Fathom, then find out later that you're tasked with a waterhammer (surge) analysis project, you can easily open your AFT Fathom model directly within AFT Impulse.

No need to re-build the model from scratch! All you would need to do is:

        1.  Define your transients
        2. Section the pipes
        3. Specify the simulation duration
        4. Then evaluate the results.

Overall, with the ease of usage, identical interface and functionality of each product, and the ability to transfer models between each AFT product, AFT is your one-stop shop for any liquid, gas, or slurry need you have.

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Sunday, 25 February 2024
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