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Making Use of the Quick Access Panel

With the release of AFT Fathom 8 and AFT Impulse 5, there is an incredibly useful new feature available on the Workspace called the "Quick Access Panel".  This feature allows you to quickly and easily work with several useful features of the software in one area such as the Scenario Manager, Pipe and Junction Inspection, Workspace Overview Map, the Checklist, and ability to activate the add-on modules. Scenario Manager Access to the full Scenario Manager capabilities exists in the Quick Access Panel.  Add new scenarios, clone scenarios, promote scenarios, re-order scenarios, add notes for scenarios, etc. Properties The Properties tab in...

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Estimating Pump Inertia, Specific Speed, and Four Quadrant Data within AFT Impulse 5

An excellent new feature of AFT Impulse 5 is that it is possible to estimate the pump inertia, specific speed, and four quadrant data sets directly within AFT Impulse 5!  No more need to perform external spreadsheet calculations for these estimates. In addition to that, AFT Impulse 5 can use the entered pump and power/efficiency curve to perform these estimates which makes things much easier and efficient!! First step is to enter pump curve data and generate the curve fits as shown in Figure 1. Figure 1:  Pump Performance Curve from Entered Data   Next, click on the "Transient" tab of...

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Benefits of the Discrete Gas Cavity Model

AFT Impulse 5 now includes a second cavitation model option: The Discrete Gas cavity Model (DGCM). So, what is it and how is it different from the existing cavitation model? This article will provide a very high level overview. The method of characteristics (the finite difference basis for 1D transient flow modeling) assumes a constant wave speed for each pipe, from time step to time step. There are, however, many things that would cause a change in wave speed; cavitation being one the most significant. A change in wave speed will have a dramatic effect on the pressure spike that occurs...

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The Two P's: Why You Should Care That AFT is Celebrating Its 20th Year

There are two good reasons you should care that Applied Flow Technology is celebrating it's 20th anniversary this year.

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Show Junction Locations

One of the many new features in AFT Impulse is the ability to show junction locations in profile plots. This can be enormously helpful when analyzing large, complicated systems. When enabled, all junction locations are identified by a vertical bar with a junction ID flag at the top. To show junction locations, click on the button in the toolbar.Show Junction Locations will also work for animations.

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From There to Here - The History of AFT Impulse Up Through the New Version 5

AFT Impulse 5 was released today and offers a plethora of new features sure to keep waterhammer engineers more productive than ever - and help them build even safer piping systems. How did AFT Impulse get to where it is today?

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Model Specialty Valves Accurately with AFT Impulse 5

Applied Flow Technology is proud to release a new version of AFT Impulse, now at version 5. AFT Impulse 5 encapsulates all of the new interface and navigational enhancements from AFT Fathom 8, as well as a considerable breadth of new and improved technical features. One such feature is our newly enhanced Relief Valve Junction. A relief valve can still be modeled as Internal, Exit, or Inline Exit, but we now offer four unique opening/closing profiles as well. With these new profiles, you can now directly model many specialty valves which were previously difficult to model accurately! Another very useful enhancement...

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