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Transition of Chempak and SteamCalc

Transition of Chempak and SteamCalc Viewers

Colorado Springs, Colo., USA, January 28, 2020 – For many years AFT has offered AFT SteamCalc and the Chempak Suite for thermophysical property calculations. These products have included a standalone Viewer and an Excel add-in. Maintaining and supporting the Excel add-in has been challenging for us when new versions of Excel have been released by Microsoft.

AFT will be making some changes in these products.

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Article: ANS for Calculating Compressible Flow

COLORADO SPRINGS, COLO., USA - January 21, 2020 -- When Gas Compression Magazine asked us to send them more information on how the Automated Network Sizing (ANS) add-on module for AFT Arrow specifically helps compressors, we could not contain our excitement. Yes, Applied Flow Technology (AFT) gets really giddy when we get to discuss how our products help engineers proactively design efficient piping systems. Daniel Foelber did an excellent job of reaching into this new product to ensure the ANS message is clear: this extension tool helps guide the sizing process to design “intelligently” for better results.

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Platinum Pipe Award Winners!

Platinum Pipe Award Winners 2020

Colorado Springs, Colo., USA, December 18, 2019 – We had many excellent entries this year and these five stood out in their categories. The annual Platinum Pipe Award recognizes excellent piping and ducting system modeling using AFT software. All winners won a $500 Amazon gift card and $2,000 in software credit for their company. 

Below are the winners and condensed descriptions of their projects.

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2020 Price Adjustment

AFT 2020 Price Information

Colorado Springs, Colo., USA, December 2, 2019--- Applied Flow Technology has notified customers of the 2020 price adjustment. Any outstanding quotes made in 2019 will honor the 2019 prices. 2020 prices go into effect on January 1, 2020. 

Price increases were minimal this year and did not affect 

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5 Issues ANS Will Solve for the Time-Deficient Engineer

5 Ways Automated Network Sizing Helps Engineers

It is no secret engineers are pressed for time. Regardless if you’re designing a system for a facility you work for, or are working within billable hours, every design project needs to be completed on-time and on-budget. Most importantly, the design must be properly sized to account for 

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