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What Do the New AFT Impulse 7 and Bordeaux, France Have in Common?

I think this is the third monthly blog article I have written this year from an airplane over the Atlantic Ocean. Truly I do not save my monthly blogs for airplanes. I am really busy most all the time these days. Being on an international flight means having a long, forced time disconnected from the Internet and more free time than normal to write.

So why am I on an airplane this time? The answer is I am headed to a conference that happens once every three years in Europe – this time in Bordeaux, France.

And what does this have to do with AFT Impulse 7?

The conference I will be attending is the 13th International Conference on Pressure Surges. On November 14 I will be making an announcement about AFT Impulse 7. We have been working hard (we always are working hard!) and it will really show in this new version.

Some of the new features will not surprise users of our other software products which got these features in recent months. This includes such things as importing and exporting EPANET files, exporting to Microsoft Excel, improved importing from Excel, importing CAESAR II neutral files and PCF files. AFT Impulse 7 will also have the all-new ability to create models in isometric drawing mode. Finally, it will have built-in access to the NIST REFPROP thermophysical property database.

Users will find some significant enhancements to pump, check valve and reservoir junction property windows. These include user interface improvements and some completely new capabilities.

We are also bringing back a feature from AFT Impulse 1. No, that is not a typo. AFT Impulse 7 will have a Visual Report Animation feature that lets users animate over time the parameter of their choice by using colors on the pipe system model. This existed in AFT Impulse 1 but was dropped when we migrated to a 32-bit version in 2002. See the video below.

Finally, users' ability to simulate complex control operations will find the new multi-condition event feature very useful.

The release of AFT Impulse 7 will be announced in Bordeaux, France. Let us know what you think about it! 

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Wednesday, 29 November 2023
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