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Coming Soon To a Computer Screen Near You: AFT Impulse 5 - Act Now To Get New Features at Old Prices

We are excited about all the new features coming in our AFT Impulse 5 waterhammer and surge modeling software. We plan to release this much anticipated new version before the end of the year.

Want to know what new features are coming? Read on!

AFT Impulse 5


 Waterhammer Modeling of Slurry Pipe Flow

AFT Impulse 5 will offer a new add-on SSL module for modeling slurry flow in piping systems.

Why is this important?

The AFT Impulse 5 SSL module will offer the first commercially available waterhammer modeling of settling slurry piping systems. The slurry modeling capabilities will build on what has been developed and in commercial use in the AFT Fathom SSL module for the last four years.

Waterhammer modeling of non-settling slurry flow has been in AFT Impulse since version 2. The standard AFT Impulse 5 will offer an expanded non-settling slurry flow capability by handling raw rheological data to generate constants for the non-settling models to use.

New Discrete Gas Cavity Model for Transient Cavitation Modeling

A second vapor cavitation model will be available in AFT Impulse 5. The new model will offer a second opinion for predicting the pipe system response under transient cavitation and liquid column separation conditions.

Expanded Relief Valve Modeling

We have completely revamped the relief valve modeling in AFT Impulse 5.  Now users will have the ability to model balanced and unbalanced relief valves, including pilot operated valves.

New Weir Junction

The new weir junction will have many applications including modeling of seal pits in power plant cooling water systems.

Other Significant New Features

    • All of the many interface enhancements added last year to AFT Fathom 8
    • New profile graphing feature allows showing junction locations on graphs 
    • Built-in capability to record animation videos
    • Built-in pump rotating inertia estimating 
    • Redesigned Section Pipes window to streamline pipe sectioning process
    • Multithreading in the transient solver to reduce simulation runtime

What About Pricing?

With this new version of AFT Impulse, the price of the software and SUM annual support will increase. If you buy a new license or renew your SUM now, you can do so at the AFT Impulse 4 prices and receive a free upgrade to AFT Impulse 5. Once AFT Impulse 5 is released (expected by December 1) the new price for new licenses will go into effect.

Exhaustive Tolerance Criteria
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Comments 2

Guest - fatemeh notghi on Monday, 01 June 2015 01:26

I try to run a model in Slurry form but I have this error:
"flow rate did not converge"
what can I do?

hi I try to run a model in Slurry form but I have this error: "flow rate did not converge" what can I do?
Trey Walters on Monday, 01 June 2015 09:37

Please send you tech support questions to This is not a support forum. Thanks.

Please send you tech support questions to This is not a support forum. Thanks.
Tuesday, 28 November 2023
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