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AFT Blog

Welcome to the Applied Flow Technology Blog where you will find the latest news and training on how to use AFT Fathom, AFT Arrow, AFT Impulse, AFT xStream and other AFT software products.

Morphing Junctions

If you hold down the CTRL key while you drag a junction onto the Workspace and drop onto an existing Workspace junction, the old junction will 'morph' (change) into the new one. Pipes will be connected to the new junction and related data will be copied into the new junction.

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Selecting English or SI Units

To choose only English or SI units for all parameters, select Parameter and Unit Preferences from the Options menu, then select the Unit Preferences tab, choose the Default Unit System and click the Apply Default Units button. This will use will the default units and change the preferred units.

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Limit Pipe & Junction Label Movement

You can specify that pipe or junction labels can only be moved on the Workspace when the Shift key is pressed. Sometimes the labels get in the way of selecting the pipes of junctions themselves and are moved accidentally. You can change this to use the Shift key in the Allowable Workspace label movements are in Workspace Preference (on the Options menu).

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Possible Causes for Not Getting Costs in the Cost Report

There are several reasons why costs are not being calculated or shown in the Cost Report. If you are having trouble, please go through this checklist which may help pinpoint the problem. 1) Is “Calculate Costs” set in the Cost Settings from the Analysis menu? 2) Is a cost type (e.g. Material, etc.) selected in the Cost Definition area of the Cost Settings? 3) Is a cost database connected through the Database Manager and is the correct database section selected? 4) Does the cost database have the correct information for the object? You can verify the contents of a cost database...

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Changing the Order of Magnitude Displayed in the Cost Report

If you are displaying very large numbers in the Cost Report, you can change the order of magnitude scale that is displayed to reduce the number of digits shown. For example, you can specify that the table show millions of US Dollars (or what ever monetary unit you are using) and all the cost values will be divided by 10^6. This setting is shown in the upper left corner of the table, just below the monetary units used. To set the magnitude, open the Output Control from the Analysis menu and click on the Format & Action tab. In the Cost...

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Changing Input Values to Obtain a GSC Solution

If GSC is unable to find a solution, try changing the specified input value of the variable(s) to provide the solver a different starting point.

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Hiding/Showing Items With Zero Costs in the Cost Report

You can specify if pipes, junctions or fittings that do not have any cost calculated should be included in the Cost Report in the Output Control. Open Output Control from the Analysis menu and click on the Format & Action tab. In the Cost Report Formatting area, check or clear the Don’t Show Object With Zero Costs option.

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