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Tees - Idlechik

The various dynamic interactions in diverging or converging tees can be quite complex. One-dimensional correlations* have been developed to relate the pressure loss through a Tee based on its configuration, the flow split ratio, the flow velocities through the branches, the angle of the branch pipe, and the pressure drop through the Tee.

AFT software employs these correlations to arrive at a solution more accurately accounting for effects that are ignored when using a fixed loss factor. In some cases, these effects can be quite significant and sometimes non-intuitive. For example, a branching flow can potentially see a negative K factor – a seemingly impossible result, but one that is sometimes reflected by real system behaviors.

*Idelchik, I. E., Handbook of Hydraulic Resistance, 3rd edition, CRC Press, Boca Raton, FL, 1994.  *Miller, D. S., Internal Flow Systems, 2nd edition, Gulf Publishing Company, Houston, TX, 1990.


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