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AFT Blog

Welcome to the Applied Flow Technology Blog where you will find the latest news and training on how to use AFT Fathom, AFT Arrow, AFT Impulse, AFT xStream and other AFT software products.

Databases 301 - Those Are Some Nice Pipes!

In continuation to my past two blogs regarding how AFT's software database structures and fluid databases greatly enhance flexibility and efficiency, the power that stems from creating customized pipe material databases is no different! AFT's Software Products incorporate several different pipe materials that you can work with such as steel, stainless steel, ductile iron, copper, PVC, HDPE, etc.  However, should you be worried if you do not see a pipe material in our list of available pipe materials that you need to work with???  Not at all!!  Easily create your own custom pipe material and it will be added to your local user...

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Name That Fluid - Databases 201

AFT Software offers lots of different fluid modeling options of common fluids with the AFT Standard Fluids that are available in AFT Fathom, AFT Arrow, and AFT Impulse.  The AFT Standard Fluids can be accessed in the System Properties window and they provide fairly accurate thermophysical properties. But what happens when there is a fluid that you need to model and it does not exist as an AFT Standard Fluid in the software?  Well, there is no need to fret in this situation!  You can very easily create your own custom fluid and add it to the fluid database! The Fluid...

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Databases 101 - Get to Know Them

Amongst the vast multitude of superbly efficient features within AFT Software, the customization and Database capabilities are certainly of significant importance.  If you are not familiar with how to use the Databases within our software to manage your customized information, then getting familiar should be a top priority for what you learn how to do next in our software.  Making effective use of Databases will save you and your team of AFT users incredible amounts of time! The vast amounts of data that you can customize within our software includes: Components (junctions)Fluid propertiesPipe materialsPipe insulationFittings & Losses (that get lumped into...

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