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Problems With Heat Exchanger Specified Heat Rate In Constants?

Using “Specified Heat Rate In Constants” for the thermal model of heat exchangers can often cause problems in system models.  The reason why is because this thermal model type causes the heat exchanger to act like an “assigned heat input” junction as does an assigned flow junction does for providing constant flow rates.  Another problem is that this thermal model can cause unrealistic temperature changes across a heat exchanger.  When the heat rate is specified and the mass flow rate and heat capacity are calculated based on the system solution, the temperature change will be whatever is required to maintain the...

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Displaying the Fluid Name in Chempak Excel Add-in

If you are using multiple fluids in the same Excel Add-In worksheet, you display which fluid or fluid alias is used in an Excel cell by using the "Fluid" or "FluidAlias" function.

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How to Display the Parameter Name in Chempak Add-in for Excel

You display the full parameter name in an Excel Add-In by entering the "ParameterDescription" function.

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Setting Excel Add-in Units

You can show the engineering units for each parameter used in the Excel Add-In. Paste the function "ParameterUnits" and specify the parameter argument, and the units for that parameter will be displayed

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Morphing Junctions

If you hold down the CTRL key while you drag a junction onto the Workspace and drop onto an existing Workspace junction, the old junction will 'morph' (change) into the new one. Pipes will be connected to the new junction and related data will be copied into the new junction.

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Selecting English or SI Units

To choose only English or SI units for all parameters, select Parameter and Unit Preferences from the Options menu, then select the Unit Preferences tab, choose the Default Unit System and click the Apply Default Units button. This will use will the default units and change the preferred units.

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