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Article: ANS for Calculating Compressible Flow

COLORADO SPRINGS, COLO., USA - January 21, 2020 -- When Gas Compression Magazine asked us to send them more information on how the Automated Network Sizing (ANS) add-on module for AFT Arrow specifically helps compressors, we could not contain our excitement. Yes, Applied Flow Technology (AFT) gets really giddy when we get to discuss how our products help engineers proactively design efficient piping systems. Daniel Foelber did an excellent job of reaching into this new product to ensure the ANS message is clear: this extension tool helps guide the sizing process to design “intelligently” for better results.

As a company who employees 12 engineers to create a software for a world of engineers in a variety of industries, we care about the tools we place into our customers hands. It is our goal with every product to help engineers easily meet design requirements and proactively design systems.  

AFT Arrow utilizes a custom calculation method, and as a result, it is probably the most accurate gas flow calculation software in the world. Engineers appreciate how it identifies sonic choking, can model large networks, and how it accounts for real gas behavior.

Now with the ANS Module, engineers will have the ability to view the proper sizing of pipes within the design to reduce weigh or energy, or they if they are looking to win a bid, they can efficiently size the system to meet design requirements while reducing initial costs.

Thank you again to Gas Compression Magazine for helping us explain the ANS add-on module and for challenging us with excellent questions.


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