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Automated Network Sizing (ANS)

An Add-on Module for AFT Fathom or AFT Arrow

The ANS module uses IntelliFlow®, which uses a combination of advanced
numerical searching algorithms and pipe flow simulation. 
The technology
was developed by AFT and has been a 
solution proven to save both capital
and recurring costs 
as well as significantly reduce energy usage. It 
the complex interaction of variables in your system design, 
revealing combinations of parameters that 
minimize cost.

Why Use the ANS Module?

Gone are the days of sizing each line individually. Automatically size all piping and system components in an integrated manner to minimize weight and cost. This is done using advanced numerical searching algorithms available in the ANS module.

Using their design firms or their own technical staff, owners can significantly reduce the initial costs of piping systems and ongoing recurring costs such as energy.

At the engineer’s option, they can include recurring costs in the automated sizing criteria. Further, engineers also have the option to include recurring costs only insofar as the automated sized system design does not exceed the engineer’s specified initial cost limit. Once an engineer has built a traditional AFT Fathom or AFT Arrow model, the extra effort to perform the automated sizing is as little as 1%. Also available is the option to minimize aggregate pipe weight which often tracks closely with monetary cost.

Empower Engineers to Design for Tomorrow with Advanced Sizing Technology

One of the powerful benefits of system modeling is the ability to evaluate the effects of changing system parameters.
  • Size pipes to minimize pipe weight, duct volume, or system monetary cost
  • Input design requirements such as pressure, flow, velocity or NPSH to guide the automated sizing process
  • Reduce energy usage
  • Assign sized pipes, pumps, compressors and fans to groups to enforce commonality of automated size selections
  • Automatically size pipes, pumps, compressors, fans, and valves to satisfy requirements across multiple design cases organized into different scenarios
  • Employ industry-leading searching algorithms to find the best sizing result
  • Easily import piping and equipment costs from Excel 

Save 10-15% on piping costs and energy costs!


  • Capital cost savings
  • Minimize the initial and life cycle cost of your system designs
  • Achieve inherent system flow balance
  • Ensure performance requirements are met over multiple design cases
  • Understand what really drives your design
  • Users familiar with AFT software will be able to utilize the ANS module with little additional effort
The extra effort to perform automated sizing on an AFT Fathom or AFT Arrow model is as little as 1%

How it Works

With any AFT Fathom or AFT Arrow model, you can follow the path of the Sizing Navigation Panel (shown above) to enter your objective and requirements. Run the scenario and the ANS module will automatically size your pipes, pumps, valves, compressors or fans as an integrated system.

Simply follow the Sizing Navigation Panel to:
  • Sizing Objective: Select whether to minimize weight, volume or cost (this will determine your navigation path)
  • Size Assignments: Identify individual pipes, or common groups of pipes to be sized
  • Candidate Sets: Choose the range of allowable pipe sizes
  • Design Requirements: Input and apply design requirements to the appropriate pipes and junctions
  • Assign Cost Databases: (optional) For cost-based sizing, select the cost data for the piping and equipment
  • Sizing Method: Select an algorithm to use, or just follow the default choices
  • Dependent Design Cases: Select multiple operating cases you would like to include in the sizing
The ANS module intelligently adjusts the pipe sizes in this model of a cooling tower, reducing initial capital costs by 20%. Minimum flows through the Lube Oil Cooler and Steam Generator Condenser are maintained.
Automated Network Sizing (ANS) Module Options


The ANS Module with IntelliFlow® allows you to use a Sizing Navigation Panel to select your objective and enter design requirements. Run the scenario and the ANS module will automatically size your pipes, pumps, compressors, and valves as an integrated system.


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