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The Quickest Way to Learn AFT Products

Posted in AFT Fathom, AFT Arrow, AFT Titan, AFT Impulse, AFT Mercury

After you receive your AFT software, you will probably wonder how to learn the software quickly so you can begin using it.  AFT provides a very handy Quick Start Guide for each software product in English Units and SI Units.  These quick start guides are short, concise, would take maybe a day of your time, and are extremely powerful to assist you in producing highly accurate and advanced models!

With larger companies, sometimes the AFT software will go straight to the IT department for installation and the engineer may never see the hard copy of the quick start guides.  Not to worry!  AFT provides PDF versions of our quick start guides when the software is installed.  One area to find the quick start guides is in the “User Guides (PDF Format)” start menu item in each AFT application folder.  The second area to find the quick start guides is from the “Help” menu from the software program itself.  Go to Help, User Guides (PDF Format), Quick Start, and then chose either English Units or SI Units.  Also, inside each AFT product folder, there is a help file that contains many more excellent walk-through examples to help build ones modeling skills even more!

The content of each quick start guide is rich with information about the fundamentals and pipe flow analysis concepts of each software product.  You will learn so much from just a few short examples in each quick start guide that you will be able to build and model complex pipe networks and analyze multiple scenarios of a project in a very efficient manner.  The quick start guides will teach you the basics of the fundamental function of pipes and junctions, how to size a pump/compressor/fan or use heat transfer in a model, how to use extremely powerful features like “Global Pipe Edit,” “Global Junction Edit,” and “Scenario Manager” which every engineer needs to know how to use to save lots of time!

From one engineer to another, I highly recommend taking a day to go through the quick start guide.  It will add so much value to your pipe-flow modeling abilities that it will be unFATHOMable as to what you will be able to do with it!

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